• #AndMeCampaign x Deun Ivory

    Our #WCW + final #AndMeCampaign Brand Ambassador is…

    DEUN IVORY | owner of Deun Ivory Collections

    A dynamic photographer, illustrator, and writer. Her work speaks for itself – from captivating imagery to heartfelt words and illustrations, she is a force to be reckoned with as she continues to hone her craft. Her latest venture is a carefully co-curated image gallery of vibrant color, entitled @wecoloured.

    Deun’s &Me Story

    I had a rough life growing up— depending on whom you ask. I lived in a homeless shelter, I suffered sexual abuse for an extended period of time and I, repeatedly, witnessed my mother be mistaken for a ragdoll and a punching bag by men who could only express their love with a few sentences that held no weight. I went through several identity crises through high school because I didn’t like the darkness that pervaded my life. I tried to do any and everything to rid myself of the burden that came with being Deun. I was miserable and empty.

    Thank God for a renewed mind.

    After those traumatizing years, God purposely planted people in my life to reveal himself to me. Before I knew it, I had community and friendships that were undoubtedly divine. Most of all, I developed a relationship with Jesus. As I grew in knowledge of His love for me, my identity in Christ became solid. I was able to walk around light as a feather because He wouldn’t allow me to carry all those burdens – and still doesn’t. His word reassures us that we don’t have surrender to every bad thought we formulate. The light and love that I am able to radiate because of God’s love and transformation possesses so much power of positivity, that I’ve been given to share with other people.

    What’s your story?

    I’d be delighted to hear.

    Check out Deun’s colorful body of work on her site, HERE.

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  • #AndMeCampaign x ItsHerStrut


    Our #WCW + #AndMeCampaign Brand Ambassador is…


    CYDNI ROBERTSONfounder of 

    Cydni M. Robertson is a Dallas, TX raised and based social entrepreneur whose passion for eradicating self-esteem concerns within women and children lead her to create the blog, ItsHerStrut.Com as well as Serve and Strut Charity Events.

    Cydni’s &Me Story


    Somehow, a responsibility to live up to the bravery and legacy of the women I’m donning. Pride with a hint of nervousness began to develop almost simultaneously. Partially out of excitement, partially out of fear that I would never live up to it. But then I remembered that the devil is a liar and grace qualifies me for every blessing and pure creation under the sun…

    Read more of Cydni’s #AndMeCampaign story on her blog, HERE.

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  • #AndMeCampaign x SheDoesABunch

    Our #WCW + #AndMeCampaign Brand Ambassador is…

    NICOLE PATTERSON | lifestyle blogger and owner of

    Nicole started She Does A Bunch to give some inspiration to the women [like herself] that wear so many hats. The many hats she wears include lifestyle blogger, party stylist, lover of all things decor and DIY. She is a virtuous wife and loving mother of three.

    Nicole’s &Me Story

    …I know that’s not “popular” in today’s society, but I’m not called to be popular, I’m called out to make a difference! If you can’t be humble enough to serve or follow someone’s else’s lead, then you’ll never be strong enough to lead someone. The strongest leader has to have a servant’s heart!

    Read more of Nicole’s #AndMeCampaign story on her blog, HERE.

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  • #AndMeCampaign x AshleyJoySpeaks

    As I was dreaming up the &Me Campaign tee project, I thought about the women I know who are boldly pursuing Christ in their lives and do so with style and grace. Whether we’d laughed together over a meal or have only shared likes/love via social media, their hearts for the Lord inspired me.

    The transparency, vision, and heart for serving others with their gifts and talents these women exhibit is so encouraging! Their &Me stories needed to be heard!

    Psst…if you’re stuck wondering what the &Me Campaign is, check out our last post! Now without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce one of our &Me Campaign Ambassadors!


    Ashley Joy

    ASHLEY SUTTON | founder + creative director of She Laughs, LLC.

    As a sought after speaker, author, coach, entrepreneur, and women’s empowerment advocate she joyfully moves throughout the world passionately fulfilling her God ordained purpose and calling in life – inspiring people to live and operate in their full purpose and potential.  


    Ashley’s &Me Story

    This year has been a year of unmasking, unbecoming, undoing and an unspeakable revelation that I am not “that girl.” Nope, I’m not her. And really don’t care to be anymore. I’ve lied to myself and to many of you for so long. I’ve been fighting to be known for what I do instead of who I am. I’ve been more concerned with my reputation than my character, my followers than my friends, and my idea of what I believe people wanted me to be than who God actually created me to be.

    Read more of Ashley’s #AndMeCampaign story on her blog, HERE.

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  • &me campaign tee

    The &Me Campaign tee is a conversation starter; a cause for pause and reflection – a reminder of who you are as a daughter of the King. You know the women of the Bible, some you simply adore and maybe others you scarce mention. However, I think you would agree these four women followed the Lord and desired to live their lives for Him.

    Esther saved her people.
    Hannah made a vow.
    Mary birthed the King of Kings.
    Ruth was a loyal friend.

    But how often do you stop to consider where you fall in this great lineage of women who loved the Lord, were shown His grace, and were redeemed by His love?

    Your name is written. Isaiah 49:16
    He knew you before the womb. Psalm 22:10
    He has plans for you. Jeremiah 29:11
    He loves you. John 3:16
    He created you for good works. Ephesians 2:10
    He formed you in His image. Genesis 1:27
    You are His child. 1 John 3:1-2

    You (yes, you!) belong on this list, too!

    If you’d like a &Me Campaign tee for yourself and/or any woman in your life, visit The Giving Shop to purchase. Tees are $30-32 each. Available in Sizes S-XXXL.

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