• on mission, together.

    We spent our first year of marriage trying to figure out how we could live our lives on mission, together. a couple weeks ago we finally figured it out. the motto of our marriage has been centered around fighting for joy – in the Lord, in marriage, and for the benefit of others.



    here’s the scoop

    it’s an uncommon occurrence when a married couple’s differing skill-sets come together to form a duo that can work together. more often than not we see ‘him’ going to ‘his’ job, and ‘her’ going to ‘her’ job. and, it’s the same with ministry; ‘he’ serves with the men, ‘she’ serves with the women.

    we want to help change that modern story, and push the narrative forward — or backwards rather. in a more agrarian culture the idea of separate lives is seemingly a non-issue. the family works together to make the business flourish. yes, different duties, but the same mission and in the same environment. playing off of each others strengths and weaknesses as God would have them.

    what we do

    kellee is good at systems, and making environments feel welcoming with her hospitality. dave is good at designing, and filling those environments with things that make a cohesive story. so, we want to tell your story: whether through planning an event that will tell your story and create an environment of joy, or telling your story through digital and print mediums.


    Celebrations of Love 
    Full Planning, Partial Planning, Month of Coordination, Elopement


    Celebrations of Life →
    Small Business/Product/Book Launch, Networking Events, Baby Showers, Birthdays (adults only), Retirement


    Design + Branding →
    Logo Design + Brand Development, Wedding Websites, Stationery + Invitations


    what we want from you

    we covet your prayers. a life on mission is a life of choosing the path of greatest glory over the path of least resistance. it’s easy to just separate our lives and fill our time together going from entertainment event to entertainment event. but we are risking much to gain much. we are choosing not to settle for lesser joys so that our joy in Jesus can be made complete.

    we want to create environments of joy, and we want that joy to carry over well after the lights of the big day have been turned off. we want our brides and grooms to focus on their marriage, whilst we focus on their wedding day. and ultimately, we want that joy to carry over into eternity.