Proposal | Ryan + Brittany

Proposal | Ryan + Brittany
July 18, 2016 Kellee Dawkins

On a hot summer night in Texas, a pretty cool guy proposed to a pretty neat girl. Lucky for us, we were there for the whole thing!

Ryan and Brittany are a passionate pair with a desire to know and love people well. We’ve had the distinct pleasure of doing life with these two over the past year and can confidently call them both friends and family. Ryan picked a ring and planned the proposal. He rallied (= Facebook Event) all their friends and family together to celebrate the occasion with an engagement party to after.

Dave reached out that morning to see if he’d planned to capture the moment. He hadn’t! So Dave did what any sane friend with a nice camera would do! Hid behind a mailbox, a car and then a tree until it was time to sprint over as fast as possible to get the best shot of Ryan down on one knee and Britt’s facial expression!

There is even a short video recap of the night, too!

We are excited for the many ways their courtship, engagement, and marriage will be a¬†testament to the God we serve. The couple is still undecided on a wedding hashtag, so if you’ve got anything clever to add…feel free!





oh and #Ryitt


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