#AndMeCampaign x Deun Ivory

#AndMeCampaign x Deun Ivory
February 10, 2016 Kellee Dawkins

Our #WCW + final #AndMeCampaign Brand Ambassador is…

DEUN IVORY | owner of Deun Ivory Collections

A dynamic photographer, illustrator, and writer. Her work speaks for itself – from captivating imagery to heartfelt words and illustrations, she is a force to be reckoned with as she continues to hone her craft. Her latest venture is a carefully co-curated image gallery of vibrant color, entitled @wecoloured.

Deun’s &Me Story

I had a rough life growing up— depending on whom you ask. I lived in a homeless shelter, I suffered sexual abuse for an extended period of time and I, repeatedly, witnessed my mother be mistaken for a ragdoll and a punching bag by men who could only express their love with a few sentences that held no weight. I went through several identity crises through high school because I didn’t like the darkness that pervaded my life. I tried to do any and everything to rid myself of the burden that came with being Deun. I was miserable and empty.

Thank God for a renewed mind.

After those traumatizing years, God purposely planted people in my life to reveal himself to me. Before I knew it, I had community and friendships that were undoubtedly divine. Most of all, I developed a relationship with Jesus. As I grew in knowledge of His love for me, my identity in Christ became solid. I was able to walk around light as a feather because He wouldn’t allow me to carry all those burdens – and still doesn’t. His word reassures us that we don’t have surrender to every bad thought we formulate. The light and love that I am able to radiate because of God’s love and transformation possesses so much power of positivity, that I’ve been given to share with other people.

What’s your story?

I’d be delighted to hear.

Check out Deun’s colorful body of work on her site, HERE.

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  1. Jasmine 4 years ago

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Deun recently here in Chicago (such a lovely lady). What a powerful story and amazing ambassador!

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