we want to see couples fighting for joy in the Lord, in their marriage, and for the benefit of others.



we never want to lose the awestruck wonder we experience when we sit in the presence of the Lord and His creation. we want those times to fuel us in our work, in our home, and in our service to others.


sharing our lives with others is an integral part of our identity in Christ and our active roles in the Body. we do not discount the importance of the relationships we cultivate and the people that come alongside us in business as well as the mundanity of everyday life.


in our thankfulness, we give knowing that nothing we have is truly ours. all we have has been given to us and nothing we have can be taken with us when we leave this earth. in gratitude for whom the Lord is, we respond with cheerful thanks-giving.


we desire to emulate the empathy of Christ. our response to the plight of people here and abroad is compassion in action. be it prayer, time or monetary support, we want not only to understand but to carry the burdens of our brothers and sisters.