Kellee has such a unique eye for the industry, and is as innovative as she is dedicated. She of course has the talent to design a beautiful event, but what makes her events stand out is the passion and heart behind her business. She is truly a loving, serving, humble woman, and will not disappoint you in creating your dream event.



Kellee did month of coordination for my April wedding. My wedding was located in Dallas, Tx, but I was living in California during the planning time. Having Kellee help with the last minute details and planning alleviated the stress of distance planning. I had been at weddings where the bride and her family were running around miserable the day of and I knew I did not want that. My wedding day went off without any problems. She made sure that my mother, sister and myself never had to deal with any issues. Everyone was where they needed to be and all of the vendors were taken care of. My bridesmaid still say how this was the best wedding because everything went so smoothly and I know that is all because of Kellee. My wedding day was perfect because I was able to spend time with my family and friends and most importantly focus on marrying the man of my dreams. I would recommend Kellee to any bride!!!



If you need help putting together a wedding … call klm event + design. They handled every major aspect of our special day. With this group, miracles can happen in seven days.



There is no way we could have made it through our special day without klm event + design. She came and she delivered. My wedding, being that it was Nigerian-Traditional, was not an easy one. Kellee was not flustered, and if she was…I had no idea! She made sure every detail was perfected; from making sure the wedding party smiled as they walked down the aisle to getting all the left behind items to the reception venue. I would recommend klm event + design services to any and everyone wanting their special day to be perfectly stress free.



Girlfriend, I am so proud of you and your professional way of handling the bride! On time, in place, organized, classy, fun and ALL WITH A SMILE!