We Are Unveiled x FFJ


We Are Unveiled x FFJ
March 7, 2016 Kellee Dawkins

A few months ago, we had a chance to sit down with the wonderful ladies at We Are Unveiled (WAU). We followed WAU online for awhile and it was nothing but a God-incidence (yep, just made that one up!) that we ended up chatting over tea and discussing a potential partnership. A couple more meetings and a photo shoot with the incredible @TemiCoker and we were ready to launch! Over the next two months, 10% of every #AndMeCampaign tee will support WAU’s mission. As we continue to promote this awesome partnership, we wanted to interview our friend and WAU founder, Monica Zuniga!

Q: We Are Unveiled is such a unique name? As you can tell, we love unique names! Can you explain the meaning behind it?

Absolutely! So We Are Unveiled was birthed from a lot of discussion and prayer as a team. Much of the foundation and inspiration for story-telling in such a raw and vulnerable way came from 2 Corinthians chapter 3. This entire chapter Paul talks about the body of Christ still living under this old law and covenant. The old covenant was one where you had to follow the rules and essentially live a certain way to enter the kingdom of heaven. Yet after Jesus came, died, and rose again, we now can remove the veil. Paul talks about believers who wear masks and are hiding when we don’t have to do that anymore. From that passage, prayer, and discussion, we realized as a team that we wanted to live our lives unveiled; before the Lord, before ourselves, and before our community around us. As we wrote our mission statement and discussed the name, it just made sense that it be “We Are Unveiled,” because we are much stronger together.

Q: WAU recently launched its first video testimony and magazine detailing your story. Congrats! If there was one thing you’d want someone to understand from watching your testimony and reading the magazine, what would it be?

Thank you! We are so excited to see what God is going to do through this video and magazine. As far as what we would hope people take away, it would have to be that they understand that they have a story to tell and that their story was written by a God who loves them and hasn’t made a mistake in their journey. We hope that people learn how to process through every good and bad experience and are able to see the hand of God over their lives and His presence always by their side. Through watching my testimony and going through the magazine our hope is that every person would understand God’s love for them in a deeper way.

Q: What has been the biggest hurdle you all have had to face in turning the vision for We Are Unveiled into a reality?

Wow! That’s a really great question! I would have to say fear. Fear for sure. Fear of not being able to do it. Fear of no one responding. Fear of failure. Fear of doing the wrong thing, making the wrong turn, etc. Fear can truly be crippling. But I am so grateful that we have a team of women to support one another, encourage one another and push one another to keep going even when it’s scary.

Q: Other than beautifully told testimonies, what else is WAU dreaming up?

Well as you mentioned above we have our interactive magazines, which are our We Are Unveiled Volume issues. These are beautiful, but also provide an opportunity for you to learn how to tell your story well. We will be launching a podcast in the next month and a half so be on the look out for that! We are so very excited to be adding that element of who we are to really engage and interact with our community. And lastly, we are looking into hosting story-telling workshops, where we will train individuals and groups on the importance of story telling and how to tell your story well! All of this will unfold within the year!

Images: Temi Coker

Q: Just for fun! If you could have any superhero power, what would it be? Why?

Wow, this is fun! I haven’t thought about this in a long time, but I would have to go with being able to transport from one place to another instantly. I don’t even know if this is a superhero power, but it should be! And if I had it, it would be amazing because I hate driving and am always running late! Haha!

Q: We Are Unveiled is poised to reach the masses for His glory and the Kingdom’s gain. What is your prayer for the individuals that come in contact with this ministry?

Our deepest prayer is that they see Jesus. Our goal is to capture as many diverse stories that we can. God created us all so uniquely and we each have been through unique things that connect to others. As people watch our stories, engage in our social media, purchase products, whatever it is, we hope people know they are not alone and see the big picture of God’s immeasurable love for them. If we do that well, we have done something right.

Watch Monica’s testimony below, but before you do…if you are inspired by the work WAU is doing, please support them by sharing the video, purchasing the magazine, or buying a &ME Campaign tee! & Be sure to follow them on social @weareunveiled

Ok, now watch!



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