creatives. followers of Jesus.

HE a graphic design artist. SHE a wedding + event planner.
two very different philosophies on life. two different upbringings.
just missed each other in college. found one another online years later.
friends first. then love entered in.

Christ at the center.

a courtship. a proposal. a marriage. a celebration.
now becoming one in life & on mission. (the struggle is real ya’ll!)
an unlikely pair that God saw fit to bring together. (thanks be to God!)

our engagement→
our elopement→
our celebration→

KELLEE – Dallas native. creative entrepreneur with heart for helping others celebrate life and love. graduate of the University of North Texas (BA) and the University of Texas at Arlington (MPA). background in nonprofit. fell in love with the wedding and event industry in 2012 and haven’t let it go since.

LIKES: glamour. travel. Toni Morrison. live music. FOOD. all things summer.

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DAVE – citizen of the World. born in New Orleans. self taught graphic artist with a background in painting. graduate of the University of Houston (BA). seminary dropout with a passion for the lost. art director at Pure Hope. co-owner of The Svelte Group.

LIKES: minimalism. travel. Paul (of the biblical persuasion). conspiracy theories. and his momma’s cooking.


Want to talk theories with Dave? Email him at [email protected]

featured in Munaluchi Bridal Magazine (Fall/Winter 2015)